Innovationsfondens Robot Workshop Februar 2018 – tanker fra et besøg til Svendborg Demensby

This is a presentation from a Robotics Workshop Held by Innovation Fund Denmark. It doesn’t contain much robotics, but is more an assessment of how Svendborg Demensby handles citzens with dementia – to a very large extent without the use of technology such as robotics. Yet, there are similarities to how high-tech nursing homes handle citizens with dementia. The presentation is in Danish.

Bryghuset – Svendborg Demensby

Hi-Tech Summit update

Lately the PACE project is seeing progress, with the finalisation of key hardware suppliers to the project, as well as with the inclusion of new key software partners – More on all those news in a later post.

This post is about the PACE participation in the DTU Hi-Tech Summit October 10-11.


We were featured on the CATCHET – Copenhagen Center for Health Technology stand, and we organised a workshop on the future of the application of Welfare technologies in the secondary care sector.

The panel debate was frequented by key stakeholders in the industry and represented by a panel (left to right) consisting of:

  • Associate Professor, Anders Stockmarr
  • Centre Manager of Skovhuset, Charlotte Kock Petersen 
  • Sales and Marketing Manger of Tunstall A/S, Anette Stjerne
  • Consultant at SIF Group, Kristian Glahn

Thank you all for your attendance and for the participation in the panel.

For the curiously inclined, we also present an audio recording of the panel debate (in danish):




Medico Bazaar 2018


Kick-starting the year, the PACE research group attended the annually recurring Medico Bazaar at the Technical University of Denmark.  During which a great deal of interesting conversation took place with both private and public stakeholders whilst receiving a great deal of attention from undergraduate students.


Looking forward to be back again next year!